“Spaceship Earth” Faulty Concept

September 1, 2015
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A concept that has become known as “Spaceship Earth” pervades a lot of people’s thinking today.  According to it, planet Earth is the only location in the solar system that is friendly to life as we know it, and we are surrounded by a benevolent nature without which we couldn’t exist.  But actually, there is little benevolent about nature and we survive here only through our own efforts to provide food, clothing, shelter, and anything else that man considers essential to a comfortable life.  We’ve adapted biologically a long time ago to nature’s air and that’s about it.  The rest is struggle..  The point of this is that it would be no different on a foreign planet such as Mars.  We would survive there through our own efforts.  We know how to make air, grow food, provide warmth, manufacture clothing, protect ourselves from radiation.  It’s just a little more difficult to do it there than it is here.  And even that difficulty would decrease as a colony expanded. And locating humans on two or more planets would raise the odds that we would never be wiped out by some natural or man-made disaster.Earth fr space


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