When is Someday? | June 4, 2015

I wonder how many people’s interest in science fiction is being lessened by the fact that no nation seems to be doing anything romantic in space any more.  All we can point to are vague promises like “Someday we’ll go to Mars” –if congress ever lets us.thZ3UEUR18

  My original interest was boosted by the belief that it wouldn’t be long before the fantastic promise of humans traveling to other planets would become reality.  It was fun to imagine and to be told how that might play out.  If Neil DeGrasse Tyson is right when he says that science fiction tales led about two-thirds of the world’s scientists to become scientists, then we may be in trouble.  If real exploration is necessary to light up the imaginations of kids so they’ll read science fiction which in turn motivates them to become scientists, then we’re missing something important for the future by being so lackadaisical about sending people into deep space.


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